Overview: What We Do

With our Prevention and Intervention Diversion Program, we build character and confidence, encouraging critical thinking for effective conflict resolution and coping skills. Our community outreach services focus on individuals, families, and society as a whole; from all walks of life and age groups. In the theme of Personal & Professional Development, we offer mentoring and empowerment services as well as networking and referral support to provide a complete continuum of first rate assistance.

PREVENTION: We believe the earlier that potential problems are detected and identified, the better the chance of stopping them before they start. Get the weed at its roots and it will fail to grow. Prevention breaks destructive cycles and patterns that are often perpetuated and passed along as a contagious disease through families and communities for generations.

INTERVENTION: We believe that correction begins with apologies and made sincere with amends. Sometimes it takes shame to change. When you realize, own, and admit your mistakes, you can begin to correct them and work towards positive change. Intervention is taking a pause for a necessary cause. Take time to reflect and project: where you have been, where you are now, and where you are headed.

DIVERSION: We believe there are many perspectives and approaches to administering help, healing, and health. We consider diverse and alternative methods and practices to successfully assist or treat participants who are in need of a better way. Diverting or re-routing our addictive thinking and actions leads away from abuse, crime, prison, and even death. Diversion offers a fair chance for other options and opportunities to prevail.

PROGRAM: We respect traditional paradigms, policies, and procedures but we also take pride in our unorthodox approach towards programs. Our flexibility is based on first-hand experience and understanding the stigma of reaching out for help and making the necessary changes to improve ourselves and our quality of life. Change is a process and is often uncomfortable. Some of our thoughts and actions have been programmed genetically through family history; some are cultural, religious, environmental, or formed through society. The influences of music, movies, television, games, as well as alcohol and drugs are powerful programming tools indeed. Our program is simple but powerful as it offers positive persuasion and convincing vs. negative manipulation and deception. We do more than keep it real, we keep it righteous.

Prevention and Intervention fosters proper Growth and Development. Our distinction is our follow through, continuing to working with participants above and beyond expectations. There is no cut-off point. When it comes to family and community, every individual counts! And we are counting on individuals like you to support our humble efforts to effect great change.