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Wahid Shabazz is a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP-A/C) with a double BA in Psychology and Sociology. After completing the coursework and residency towards licensure as a Mental Health LPC, Mr. Shabazz decided to change directions pursuing a Masters in Human Service with specialization in Social & Community Organization. Just 8 credits shy of completing the Masters in Human Service, Mr. Shabazz committed to returning to the LPC track which he is currently on. Mr. Shabazz is also a CAMS-I (Certified Anger Management Specialist I) and active member of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA).


Over the past 25 years, Mr. Shabazz has been directly involved with several organizations and community outreach initiatives including United Parents Against Lead (UPAL), Reading Is Fundamental (R.I.F), I Stand For Children, Shabazz Academy, People's Media Center, S.E.E.D Institute, YES Program, and NDUTIME Youth & Family Services.

Mr. Shabazz is a recovering alcoholic and former offender who has worked diligently to maintain a life of  transparency, honesty, integrity, respect, and overall moral fortitude. Mr. Shabazz places emphasis on self-reflection, self-assessment, and self-correction as it relates to accepting accountability and responsibility for ones own actions.

Mr. Shabazz is the father of 3 boys and 3 girls including his youngest son diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Mr. Shabazz is not only a father in his home, but a father figure in the community as he mentors several youth and adolescents. Mr. Shabazz prides himself in Social Justice Advocacy, Peer Support, Servant Leadership, and being a Champion of Change.

Mr. Shabazz believes there is always room for improvement and empowers others with the mantra: "If I can change for the better, you can change for the better!"

Mr. Shabazz and A Firm Foundation: Giving Back and Paying It Forward!

Contributions & Support

We greatly appreciate all tax deductible donations and contributions to help fund our programs, services, community outreach efforts, and youth initiatives.

"When you give for a righteous cause, there is never a loss"

Thank you and God Bless!